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Knickernappies Stackable Menstrual Pads

Menstrual Pads - Knickernappies Stackable Pads

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 Complete Pad SetExtra Pads (no shell)

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Complete Pad Set - Microfiber =     
Extra Pads (no shell) - Microfiber = 
Complete Pad Set - Hemp=           $14.50 

Extra Pads (no shell) - Hemp=

The best idea in cloth menstrual pads: Knickernappies Stackable Mama Pads! 

Stackable Mama Pads are a unique 3-in-1 system that will allow you to adjust absorbancy throughout your menstrual cycle without having to buy several sizes of pads.  One Stackable pad can be a pantiliner, regular pad, and heavy pad.

Each complete pad set includes an outer shell and two liners.  One liner is small for light days, one is larger for regular days, and using both together is great for heavy days.  Both pads snap securely onto the shell so you'll never need to buy a different size of shell...every Knickernappies Stackable pad fits onto every shell! 

With the Stackable system, you will likely only need a few shells since the shell only needs to be changed if it gets soiled.  Otherwise, just unsnap the soiled pad and snap on a fresh one!       

The outer shell is very thin, but waterproof, fleece.  It won't slide around the way PUL pads can!  Large pads are made from microfiber, hemp, and cotton/poly velour.  (76% Combed Cotton/24% Polyester - the polyester is used only on the backside as a stabilizer.)  Small pads are microfiber and velour.  The velour against the skin is so soft and comfortable.  Pads are very absorbant and comfortable to wear.

For women that prefer as natural a pad as possible, we now have hemp/hemp pads!  These feature the same velour top and the same fleece shell, but instead of microfiber for the absorbent layer, they have hemp! 

Why a difference?  Simply put...microfiber is both comfortable and affordable, while hemp is all-natural and a little trimmer.  Both have great absorbency.  Now you can choose the fabric that is best for you!

Washing instructions: rinse pads with cold water to prevent staining.  Then place into diaper pail or into a separate pail or wet bag.  Pads do not need soaking.  Wash with diapers or separately...cold rinse with no detergent followed by a hot wash with 1/2 the recommended amount of detergent.  Dry in dryer or hang to dry. 

Available as a Complete Pad Set (2 pads, one shell) or as Extra Pad Set (2 pads, no shell).

Colors of shells and pads vary. 

Shell - 100% polyester
Hemp pads - Hemp (45% organic cotton, 55% hemp) Velour (80% cotton, 20% polyester in the backing)
Microfiber pads - microfiber (100% polyester) Velour (80% cotton, 20% polyester in the backing)

Made in the USA.

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Product Reviews
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Customer Reviews: 4
San Antonio Tx
Review Date:

So I hesitantly made the switch to mommy cloth because after having my first child, the usual feminine products were uncomfortable. I found this pad at a local retailer (Go Baby Go) and I could not be more pleased. The velour top is incredible! and I absolutely love the stackable option.

Just a tip to prevent staining- your own saliva will get rid of the stain. I know it sounds totally weird, but try it. You will see the blood disappear right before your eyes. I also rinsed in cold and if I get a stain, I plan on sunning, just like my baby's cloth diapers.

You will not regret getting this product. I purchased the microfiber, only because hemp was not available, but it is great!

My choice
Review Date:

  • great%20natural%20feeling
  • soft
  • don%27t%20irritate%20skin
  • leak-proof
  • the%20shell%20is%20pretty
  • require%20regular%20laundering
  • will%20not%20stay%20stain-free
  • not%20discreet
I was skeptical about the idea of reusable pads, mostly because I was afraid they would leak. I spent a lot of time researching and choosing, and gave knickernappies a try. I''ve been using the pads for about 6 months now and I only go back to disposable pads when I run out of fresh reusables, so now I am purchasing a couple extra sets to completely forget about disposables - now in hemp.

Something you need to consider: these are not going to stay stain-free, alas. They are not going to look discreet enough for you to want anyone else to ever see them. So, plan your strategy: where do you plan to soak it, where do you launder it so that your husband or kids or mother-in-law don''t come across, you know what I mean. And goes without saying, you cannot just dump a used pad in your laundry load with your clothes, you have to soak them first. They are more environmentally-friendly than disposables, without a doubt, but you will spend lots of water laundering them every month, so the ecology should not be your number 1 reason to get these. Because they take time to get washed and dry, you may need a set of 4 or so for your special time of the month.

Taking the mentioned concerns into considerations, the advantages are: the fleece surface feels sooo comfortable; the shell is absolutely leak-proof, this is some modern nano- mega- science technology fabric that does not soak; disposable pads have a tendency to irritate my skin - knickernappies feel pretty much like another pair of panties, very natural. In the bottomline, I love them and am very happy that I ventured to try them out.
Great pads!
Review Date:

Thank you for making such comfy mama cloth! I had my fourth child just 2 weeks ago and they have made postpartum healing so much better!
Love the Soft Pads
Review Date:

I just love the soft pads making me feel so comfy wearing it during the menstrual cycle. The absorbency is good as well lasting me for 4 hours during the heavy flow.

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