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Knickernappies Prefold Cloth Diapers

Prefolds - Indian Prefold Diapers - Second Quality

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These have been on our shelves a little too long and have become discolored on the edges.  It washes out fine, but we can't sell them for full price.  You benefit!! 

Knickernappies Indian Cotton prefold cloth diapers are made from the fluffiest, softest cotton.  Made to withstand years of washing and daily use, they'll be your favorite prefold diaper in no time. 

Knickernappies Prefolds

Your prefolds will arrive flat and lifeless, but wash them 3 times and they'll perk up into fluffy diapers begging to be used.  Your prefolds will be absorbent after the first three washes and they will continue to gain absorbency for another 8-10 washes before achieving their peak potential. 

Your prefolds are also a bit of a shrinking violet...they'll look huge when they arrive, but after washing they will shrink to the perfect size.

 Knickernappies Prefolds - size comparison Sizing - all are 4x8x4 layers
Infant ~ White Edge ~ 6-15 lbs 
Premium Short* ~ Lime Edge ~ 10-20 lbs
Premium ~ Purple Edge ~ 15-30 lbs

*Specifically made to fit in a cover without folding down
the length...will fit nearly any size baby when used this way
Dimensions - after washing (inches)
Infant ~ 13.5 x 11
Premium Short ~ 13.5 x 12.5
Premium ~ 19 x 13

Choose from bleached (white) or unbleached (natural).  The only differences are the bleach used to turn the natural cotton white and that unbleached feels a little softer to the touch.  Otherwise, it is your personal preference.  Both are equally and perfectly absorbent.  Diaper Service Quality (DSQ)

Knickernappies Prefolds

Like all Knickernappies products, we back our prefolds with a 1 year warranty on the seams and fabric quality.  We guarantee that you're getting a quality prefold diaper!

Knickernappies Prefold Diapers

Use Instructions
With Knickernappies prefolds, you can use pins or Snappis, or you can trifold and simply lay into a wrap-style cover.  Our Infant and Infant Plus prefolds are perfectly sized to lay in a cover without folding down the length.  A cover is needed for waterproof protection.  Our prefolds can also be trifolded and used inside almost any pocket diaper.

Care Instructions

You'll want to keep your diapers happy so they'll perform at their peak, so use their favorite detergents...additive-free laundry detergent or any that are made specifically for cloth diapers are the best.  Avoid "baby" detergents such as Dreft or All Baby.  Your diapers don't like them and if your diapers aren't happy, no one is happy.

When you get your diapers, wash and dry them three times separate from other diapers in hot water with detergent.  This will wash out the natural oils present in all natural fibers such as cotton.  Washing out this oil prior to use is essential for absorbency.

After the first three washes, you may wash your diapers with other diapering products.  Wash in hot water for best results, though some users find that warm or even cold water does just fine.  You may dry in the dryer or hang to dry, though they will be softer and fluffier if dried in the dryer.  Alternatively, you can hang dry, then put into the dryer for 10 minutes to fluff them up. 

Knickernappies Prefold Cloth Diapers
100% cotton
Made in Pakistan

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Product Reviews
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Customer Reviews: 3
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These work just awesome paired with my Thirsties Duo Wraps. It took ALOT of washes to shrink them down to size but now that they are finally shrunk enough they work great. Good price for prefolds too!
Finally found something that works!
Review Date:

Our daughter is a heavy wetter and frequently leaks through disposables and many cloth diapers. She does great in these! We have had rare leaks in our 4 weeks of use - definitely the best success rate we've had so far! Can't beat the price, either.
The BEST prefolds we've ever used
Review Date:

  • soft
  • absorbent
  • non-pilly
We've been using these prefolds for a while now, along with another brand. Both were purchased at the same time. At first, they seemed identical, but now, after a few months, the other brand is thin and not very absorbent. The Knickernappies prefolds have remained thick, soft, absorbent, and they aren't pilly like my other ones. I LOVE these and am buying more!

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