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Moonlite Cloth Pantiliners

Menstrual Pads - Moonlite Daily Liners

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Moonlite snap-winged pantyliners are great for daily wear. The 2 layer liners are made from a combination of hand dyed or undyed wool with bamboo velour toppers.  Choose from undyed with colored thread or from hand-dyed jewel-toned pads.  The bamboo velour is wonderful against the skin and the washable, soft wool backing is completely waterproof for maximum protection.  Thin enough that you'll never notice it's there!

Now available!  Our popular Moonlite pad with an organic cotton (non-waterproof) backing.  These are perfect as backup to a menstrual cup or for very light urinary incontinence.  A lighter-weight pad than the Moonlite with wool backing.

Each winged Moonlite liner is approximately 7" long and 2.5" wide when snapped, and should fit into most fitted undergarments. These liners are not as wide as the Moonbow menstrual pads. 

Fully machine washable and machine dryable.  Wash with diapers, towels, etc.

Moonlite Pads - jewel tonesMoonlite Pads - Undyed

Heather's Experience:  These pads are perfect for the very end of a menstrual cycle or for very light incontinence, like what you might have during or right after pregnancy.  The wool backing makes them waterproof so I know I'll be protected.  I LOVE the lighter weight and trimmer profile of these pads for daily wear.

There are no reviews yet.
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