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Gently Used Cloth Diapers

Gently Used - Diaper Covers

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Better World (Prorap) - Velcro/Buckle - XL - Mint - EUC - $4.77
Bummis Whisper Pant - XL - White - NEW - 3.75
GroVia Shell - hook/loop - Nature - EUC - 10.16
GroVia Shell - Snap - Planes - LN - $12.71
Motherease Airflow - M - White - EUC - $7.95
Motherease Airflow - M/L - White - EUC - $7.95
Motherease Airflow - Medium - Asia - LN - 9.28
Smush Tush - one size - Blue w/white stars, red snaps - LN - 10.56
Thirsties Classic - Velcro - Large - Seaspray - LN - 8.57
Thirsties Classic - Velcro - Medium - Seaspray - LN - 8.57
WolbyBug - Soccer Balls - EUC - 6.59

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Gently Used - Cloth Diaper Covers

This category is for cloth diaper covers only.  Diapers and inserts are not included.

If you have questions about a specific cover, please email us and include the diaper you would like more information about.

How do you determine pricing on used diapers?
Our diaper expert created a guideline based on condition.  Prices are set approximately according to percentage.

Condition Diaper may have:
Our Price (approx):
Like New

 little to no sign of wear
 75% of retail
Excellent Used Condition
 some signs of wear
 no stains, no worn seams
 velcro is lint-free
 60% of retail
Good Used Condition
 may have minor staining,
 pilly inner fabric
 minor imperfections
 fully functional
 50% of retail
Used Condition
 some staining 
 pilly PUL
 a pilly interior
 faded tags
 fully functional
 40% of retail or less
 Needs Repair (NR)  will need repair to be fully functional  25% of retail or less

What exactly does "functional" mean?
All snaps and velcro are in working condition, elastic is stretchy and in good shape.  PUL is not cracked or damaged. 



Reduce. Reuse. REUSE. Guarantee
We guarantee the quality of the gently used diapers that we sell for 30 days.  If, in 30 days, a snap breaks, elastic fails, velcro doesn't stick, diaper leaks repeatedly, etc, we will happily refund your money or set up a store credit toward something else.


There are no reviews yet.
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