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Super Undies Pocket Training Pants

Super Undies Pocket Training Pants - Outlet

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Blue Bandit
Caped Canary
Coral Sea Maiden
Infrared Racer
Moss Monster
Wild Orchid Fairy

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Super Undies Special Purchase!

All of our Super Undies training pants were purchased specially for our OUTLET STORE.  These special Super Undies are available to you at a fabulous price far below retail.  All are new and fully functional; 30-day warranty.  They are eligible for return as long as they are not washed or used, so please fully inspect diapers before washing them. 

Possible issues:

- second quality due to sewing imperfections, dirt, sizing discrepancies, mislabeling, or no labeling
- first quality overstocks of discontinued designs
- prototypes that were never produced for regular sale

**Most of our Super Undies have small differences in color, design, sizing, or insert type, so even diapers of the same color may be slightly different.  The description below is a stock description and may not exactly match the products. 




What is a Super Undies Snap-On Potty Training Pant?

Super Undies Snap-On pocket training pants

These potty training pants are completely waterproof through the wet zone, but made with super stretchy side tabs for easy on and off action. This makes them very versatile and super easy to use! They are reminiscent of the cloth pocket diapers that are ever so popular but improved and redesigned. Super Undies Snap-On Potty Training Pants have a layer of micro-fiber built in, making them suitable as a trickle trainer. Now with a pass through pocket that runs the entire front to back length you can customize your absorption and use our Step-up Inserts to boost absorption as needed. Now MOM can take full control of her potty training plan, and the natural consequences of an accident as she is ready. They make the child feel wet when there has been an accident.

  • Super Undies Snap-On Potty Training Pants cause an easier transition from cloth diapers into the potty training mindset.
  • Super Undies Snap-On Potty Training Pants can make use of step-up inserts for added absorbency, but so can the Super Undies Pull-On Potty Training Pants.
  • Super Undies Snap-On Potty Training Pants allow for easier snap-on/snap-off mess free handling for mom.

    If you plan on using more than 1-2 inserts, you may wish to increase the sizing suggested in the size tab.

    Do you really need Super Undies Snap-On Potty Training Pants?
    Cloth potty training pants help to combat the disposable trap mothers can fall into. The disposables take awareness of elimination away from the child, leaving you potty training with nothing more than communication. Cloth potty training pants help give moms another tool to use in their potty training arsenal. Now children can feel wet, you can still be communicating, and when things aren't going as planned you can up the consequence and purposefully cause your child to leak.

    Ha! Take that you disposable soggy dogs! Score one for the potty training team!


    Available Colors (Colors may vary slightly)

    Super Undies - Infrared Racer Super Undies - Blue Bandit
    Caped Canary
    (may have orange instead of white)
    InfraRed Racer
    Blue Bandit
    Super Undies - Wild Orchid Fairy Super Undies - Moss Monster Super Undies - Coral Sea Maiden
    Wild Orchid Fairy
    Moss Monster
    Coral Sea Maiden




    Super Undies Size Chart

    Typical Age
    2 - 3 yrs
    2 - 5 yrs
    5 + yrs

    Care Instructions:


    Pocket Trainers can be unsnapped, or simply turned inside out.Wash on warm or hot with your choice of detergent. Tumble dry. Super Undies may be washed with a regular load of clothing, provided that they are not soiled. If your Super Undies do get "dirty", shake the waste off into the toilet and pre-rinse them by themselves prior to laundering.


    • Use Bleach - Bleach and detergents containing bleach may cause the waterproof laminate to break down over time.
    • Use fabric softeners - Fabric softeners can cause a residue build up on the fabrics and cause them to become less absorbent, or even repel the water.
    • Wash with garments that have hook and loop, such as Velcro - The hook will snag the Super Undies elastic and stretchy tabs.
    • Over-stuff the washer or dryer.

    Made in the USA.
    Materials: polyester laminate (PUL) outer, polyester inner, microfiber in the middle

    Based on 4 review(s).
    Product Reviews
    Overall Customer Rating:
    Customer Reviews: 4
    Mom Approved!
    Meg M.
    Review Date:

    Our daughter is 3 1/5 and still has the occasional accident at night. So far we have had success with these night time training pants. She has had accidents in them several times and we only experienced leaking one time, but in all fairness we forgot to have her use the bathroom that night before. Other than that she has had a couple light accidents at night with no leaking. Also we have not used any additional pad inserts so that probably would have helped with the one accident we did have. Overall pretty happy with these and she loves to put on her "Super Undies" each night.
    Great for potty training on the go
    Review Date:

    At home I prefer to use regular underwear so my child can really feel if they wet themselves (these or pull-ups feel like a diaper to them absorbency wise), but these are perfect for trips to the grocery store or park. They are not as absorbent as the nighttime ones so I wouldn't recumbent them for evening bedwetters.
    Broken Snap
    Seattle, WA
    Review Date:

    I have purchased several Super Undies on different occasions from this retailer and they have all been perfect, despite their status as "2nd's". I even bought a pocket trainter (the rest were pull ups) but I did not like the moss color so I returned it for an easy refund. This is my second time buying the Pocket style, this time in a more girly color. Upon pulling it out of the package I immediately noticed that it had been used. The trim was frayed as if it had been washed with velcro (the tag warns against this) and there was a yellow stain on the outer fabric. Then I noticed a snap was missing and sure enough it was loose in the package. I had hoped we would be able to fix the snap but not luck yet. At least the stain washed out. But without the snap in working order these are a pain to use and just sit on the shelf as a last resort. I would not order this style again.
    I love super undies!
    Tina b
    Review Date:

    These are great trainers! So easy for my son to pull up and down, and they really do look like undies!! I think Super Undies got it right :)

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